New Jersey High School Apologizes for Guest Speaker Telling Students Hitler Was a ‘Good Leader’

Officials at a New Jersey high school have apologized to parents after a guest speaker described Adolf Hitler as a “good leader” during a mandatory student assembly last week, reports. According to a letter from Superintendent Mark Schwarz, the speaker gave a presentation to Madison High School student athletes about “positive leadership values” when he brought up the Nazi leader. The speaker reportedly said that Hitler had good leadership qualities but possessed “bad moral character and intentions.” Schwarz wrote that students expressed “serious concerns that the speaker referred to Hitler as a ‘good leader’ in any regard” after the assembly and said the school district agreed. “It was unnecessarily provocative and insensitive for the speaker to include the image of a criminal whose legacy includes the systematic torture and slaughter of millions of Jews, the disabled, and others in Eastern Europe,” Schwarz wrote, adding that a “less emotionally-charged example” would have been more “appropriate.”