Palin Fashion

Was $150,000 too much for Sarah Palin's new wardrobe? A look at her old one confirms the answer: Hell. No.

Lulu Larson/Zuma Press

Lulu Larson/Zuma Press

The Shirt to Nowhere

Campaigning for re-election as Mayor of Wasilla in 1998

Al Grillo/AP Photo

Fashion Maverick

Barrow, Alaska, 2008

Lulu Larson/Zuma Press


In her Wasilla kitchen making cookies, 1999

Lulu Larson/Zuma Press

Family Values

With her husband Todd Palin in their home, Lt. Governor's Race Fundraiser, Wasilla, 2002


The War on Style

Visiting Kuwait in an undated photo

Robert A. Baker/Getty Images

Pride of Wasilla

Palin models 'Proud to be Valley Trash' t-shirt after State Senator Ben Stevens comments that people living in the Mat-Su Borough are 'just Valley trash,' July 21, 2004 in Wasilla.

Al Grillo/AP Photo

Hey Look, It's Russia!

Hurlbert's barber shop at the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage, November 6, 2006

Chris Miller/AP Photo

The Flying Nun

Answering questions about her State of the State address, January 18, 2007, in Juneau

Lulu Larson/Zuma Press

This State is Freezing!

Fall 2001, Wasilla