Presidential Birthday Bashes


Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Photo

Presidential Birthday Bashes

George W. Bush prepares to blow out the candles on his birthday cake as he celebrates with Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley in Chicago in 2006.

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Bill Clinton blows out the 50 candles of his birthday cake in 1996 with the help of his daughter, Chelsea, as first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton looks on.

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Ronald Reagan receives a cake at a Capitol Hill luncheon in 1984.

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Jimmy Carter blows out candles on a birthday cake presented to him at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in 1978. Carter inadvertently got icing on his hand while blowing out the candles.

David Hume Kennerly / Getty Images

Gerald Ford opens gifts at a surprise 62nd-birthday party orchestrated by first lady Betty Ford in the family room of the White House residence in 1975.

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Richard Nixon's dog King Timahoe takes a sample of the president's birthday cake at a 1974 party at the Western White House in San Clemente, Calif.

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John F. Kennedy stands up to watch his 45th-birthday cake being brought into New York's Madison Square Garden during a Democratic fundraising birthday salute in 1962.

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Dwight D. Eisenhower, his wife, Mamie, and 6,500 well-wishers at his birthday party in 1953 in Hershey, Pa.

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Harry S. Truman cuts a cake on his 61st birthday in May 1945. The day marked his first full day as a resident in the White House.

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Calvin Coolidge and his wife, Grace, at a party in 1927 celebrating the Fourth of July and his 55th birthday at the Summer White House in South Dakota. Coolidge is wearing a cowboy outfit, which includes a pair of personalized chaps.