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Prince Harry, Tom Cruise & More Celebrity Third Wheels (PHOTOS)

Prince Harry tags along with William and Kate at every Olympic venue. See other odd men out.

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Prince Harry tags along with Prince William and Kate Middleton at every Olympic venue. From Kanye West to Taylor Lautner and Tom Cruise, see other odd men out.

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Prince Harry (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are under no illusion that they’ll escape the paparazzi’s gaze for the rest of their lives, but surely Prince Harry could give them a little space? During last week’s Olympic events, Harry watched track and field, cycling, and gymnastics with his older brother and his bride. (He gets a free pass for attending the opening ceremony with the couple, and eventing, where first cousin Zara Phillips was competing—those were family obligations.) A little more than a year after William and Kate’s wedding, perhaps that dream fix-up with Pippa Middleton is looking good right now. At least it would be a double date.

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Kanye West (Jay-Z and Beyoncé)

It was strange enough when Kanye West was seen celebrating with Jay-Z at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards after Beyoncé revealed she was pregnant, but the musician also has been the third wheel at awards shows, shopping trips, basketball games, and of course parties. And last month West got a taste of his own medicine when he headed south of the border with girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis tweeted a photo of himself ziplining with the couple while on vacation in Mexico.

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Rob Kardashian (Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom)

Admittedly, the Kardashians seem to do everything as a family, but Rob Kardashian brings that philosophy to new heights—and new lows. In December 2011 the only male Kardashian moved to Dallas to live with his sister Khloe and her husband, Lamar Odom. And in February, when he moved out of their house, Odom appeared to be truly upset. “Me and Rob are extremely tight,” Odom told the cameras. “I love having Rob around. The bond is, like, incredible.” And apparently that goes for Khloe as well. Just last month on her reality show, she joked about an incestuous relationship with Rob: “Lamar thinks I’m like Cleopatra, and I’m gonna marry my brother.”

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Taylor Lautner (Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson)

At the heart of the love triangle in the Twilight series, Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan had to choose between Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and Edward (Robert Pattinson). And her life imitated her art—she chose Pattinson. So considering the two were an actual couple, every public appearance the trio made seemed like Lautner just couldn’t let it go. Ironically, of course, Lautner wasn’t the real threat to R.Patz’s relationship with K.Stew—he should have been looking out for another man: Snow White and the Hunstman director Rupert Sanders.

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Robert F. Kennedy (Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy)

While biographers and conspiracy theorists continue to debate whether Marilyn Monroe had affairs with John F. Kennedy and his younger brother Robert, only one piece of evidence exists that they were ever together. Following a Democratic fundraiser in 1962, where Marilyn famously sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to JFK, the three were photographed by Cecil Soughton at the home of Arthur and Mathilde Krim. “The Secret Service had specific instructions not to photograph President Kennedy and Marilyn together because it would have been a national scandal,” said filmmaker Keya Morgan, who owns the print depicting RFK listening in. And, yes, Marilyn is wearing the same dress she had on when she serenaded the president.

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Jon Gosselin (Michael Lohan and Erin Muller)

As the father of eight children, Jon Gosselin proved himself to be superfluous as a parent. Indeed, in 2007, the OctoDad was seen partying with Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael, and his fiancée, Erin Muller, in the Hamptons. But a few years later, after Gosselin had divorced his wife, Kate, and Lohan had split from Muller, the Lohan patriarch began dating Gosselin’s ex-girlfriend, Kate Major. Lindsay will soon have a new half-sister by Major, meaning Gosselin is once again the odd man out.

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Tom Cruise (Will and Jada Pinkett Smith)

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise used to double date a lot with the Beckhams, but the suddenly single star was also happy being the extra man at events with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Cruise has often appeared at awards shows and red carpets with the couple. And the admiration is returned. As Smith told Newsweek in 2008: “Tom is one of the most open, honest, and helpful people I’ve met in Hollywood, or really anywhere. I mean, how many people in his position would want me to win, want me to be a bigger and better movie star? Few people in this business want me to win like that.”

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Joe Simpson (Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz; Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey)

It’s one thing to be an overprotective father when your daughters are dating—and quite another to be the third wheel. Joe Simpson was often photographed with his daughter Jessica and her first husband, Nick Lachey, and he repeated the pattern with younger daughter Ashlee and her now former husband, Pete Wentz. And when Jessica divorced Lachey, it was Papa Joe who reportedly fixed her up with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. But their eventual split may have also been caused by Joe. According to a source, he reportedly told Romo, “If you guys have a marriage, I can [sell it] the same that I did with Ashlee.” Shortly thereafter, the Cowboy rode off. Alone.

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Christina Aguilera (Madonna and Britney Spears)

Proving you don’t have to be a guy to be the odd man out, Christina Aguilera looked like the third wheel at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards when she sang with Madonna and Britney Spears. During the now infamous performance, Madonna caressed Xtina’s leg, but then shared a deep kiss with Spears as Aguilera looked on. When it was over, Christina got a PG peck of her own.

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Joseph Stalin (Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Officially, FDR, Churchill, and Stalin were known as “The Big Three,” but let’s face it, the Bear wasn’t exactly cuddly. While the president and the prime minister allied themselves with Stalin during World War II, it was seen more as a necessity to defeat Hitler than an act of true political friendship. As Churchill had famously said years earlier, “If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.” And while the Big Three looked warm and cozy at the Yalta conference in 1945, by the end of the decade, the Cold War had begun.