Pure ‘Drive’

Ryan Gosling Memes: Taxis, Cuter Than Puppy, Ex-Boyfriend Gosling and More (PHOTOS)

The "Drive" star saved a woman from a speeding taxi on Tuesday. From Obama campaign emails to Disneyland cats, see pictures of the best Gosling material you can find online.

Can Ryan Gosling do nothing wrong? On Tuesday, the Drive actor did something else to make us question whether he is in fact man or mortal: he saved a woman from a speeding taxi. Since his humble roots as a singing and dancing Disney star on The Mickey Mouse Club, Ryan Gosling has amassed a cult following. So what is it about the Canadian actor that would drive throngs of New Yorkers to protest when Bradley Cooper took home the title of People’s Sexiest Man Alive? Is it those steel blue eyes, “photoshopped” abs—or perhaps the fact that he broke up a street fight on the way home from the gym? We vote all of the above. But regardless of the reason, we have compiled the top 10 Gosling memes in his honor.

Taxi Ryan Gosling

When British journalist Laurie Penny almost walked into opposing traffic on Tuesday evening (without realizing that Americans drive on the right side of the road), a familiar face saved her life. Ryan Gosling pulled her out of the way of a speeding taxi, and rescued her from the clutches of death. In a matter of hours, this photo (left) was uploaded to showcase the actor’s brave feat.

Feminist Ryan Gosling

Possibly the most famous Gosling meme, “Feminist Ryan Gosling” is sensitive, thoughtful, and wants women to know their sexiness isn’t defined by “historically biased ideologies pumped out by mediocre, archaic forms of media.” He is supportive of gender variance, wants to discuss politics of sexual difference, and will argue that a woman’s role as a caregiver is not biologically determined. Oh, and his inspiration is Emma Goldman. In short, feminist Ryan Gosling is, like, the perfect boyfriend.

The 20 Most Flawless Pictures of Ryan Gosling at the Airport

Proving that Gosling is worthy of a GQ cover at any moment, The 20 Most Flawless Photos of Ryan Gosling at the Airport showcases Gosling’s uncanny ability to be stunningly stylish—always.

The Complete Ryan Gosling Discography

If you’ve ever wanted to see Ryan Gosling rap, croon, and wear uncomfortably baggy pants, look no further than The Complete Ryan Gosling Discography. Chronicling his musical career from The Mickey Mouse Club to his teenage years and songs sung in blockbuster hits such as Remember the Titans, Gosling has an extensive lyrical past.

Misogynist Ryan Gosling

Clearly a rebuttal to Feminist Ryan Gosling, Misogynist Ryan Gosling just wants you to make him a sandwich and iron his laundry. He doesn’t want to talk about your feelings, and he thinks any woman would make a terrible leader, not to mention his grocery list of demands, which include steak and “a lot of milk.” We like to nickname this meme Douche Bag Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling Meets Obama 2012 Campaign Emails

Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign emails are a little needy. But what if you put the face of Ryan Gosling behind the eager messages? Ryan Gosling Meets Obama 2012 Campaign Emails delivers the presidents hard-hitting requests paired with the soft features of a Hollywood leading man. A tightly cropped photo of a blue-eyed, pink-lipped Gosling is matched with the words “This is not a joke,” the subject of an email about Republicans campaigning in Iowa.

I Heart NPR Ryan Gosling

Apparently, Ryan Gosling “hearts” NPR. (We assume this means he likes it...) These liberal memes demonstrate the actor’s appreciation for current events. “Hey girl,” says one meme, “Ken Rudin may be the political junkie, but I’m the you junkie.” A coy-looking Gosling is seen in a fitted suit and tie with the accompanying words, “Hey girl, you’re the talk of my nation.” Public radio has never looked so good.

Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than a Puppy?

This meme poses a difficult question: Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than a Puppy? A montage of photographs comparing Ryan Gosling to his doggie doppelgangers forces us to consider this daunting predicament. One photo shows Gosling exposing his teeth and making a growling face to the camera, cropped next to a photo of a puppy with the same menacing snarl. Another comparison is between a shirtless Gosling wading through a body of water and a puppy splashing through a stream. Do we really have to pick?

Ex-Boyfriend Ryan Gosling

The tagline for Ex-Boyfriend Ryan Gosling is “If my ex was Ryan Gosling we’d still be together.” This collection of memes demonstrates that Ryan Gosling would not, under any circumstances, break up with you. “Hey girl, I would never date you for four years and ask you to quit your job, move with me to Italy, only to break up with you on day two in the rain, at a train station and kick you out of our new apartment. It never rains when you are with me,” says one meme. It’s comforting to know this Ryan Gosling meme is so monogamous, but he certainly has a vivid imagination.

Biostatistics Ryan Gosling

If you thought Feminist Ryan Gosling was extreme, check out Biostatistics Ryan Gosling. Biostatistics, the fusion of biology and statistics, is not something many of us ponder regularly—unless you’re a Ph.D. student or Ryan Gosling. “Hey girl, my exchangeability assumption just got violated, because there is no one quite like you,” reads one meme. “Hey girl, I love that you always know how to interpret my betas,” reads another. If you’re wondering whether to laugh or wiki “exchangeability assumption,” don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Ryan Gosling Disneyland Cats

If you are wondering how these two nonsequitur merge into one, just remember that every great or memorable meme involves a cat. So it only seems natural that the world of Gosling and cats would collide into the harmonious Ryan Gosling Disneyland Cats.