You May Kiss Cthulhu

Sean Parker, Katy Perry & More Bizarre Celebrity Theme Weddings (PHOTOS)

Kat Von D’s octopus, Katy Perry’s ode to India, and more stars’ bizarrely themed weddings by Molly Taylor.

Sean Parker, Facebook’s founding president, planned a Game of Thrones-inspired ceremony. Sara Rue looked to the skies for inspiration. Amber Tamblyn turned to nature. And Katie Price, Travis Barker, and Ashlee Simpson organized their nuptials around classic children’s literature. Plus, see more stars with out there wedding themes.

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Sean Parker & Alexandra Lenas

How much money did it cost to shoot the pilot episode of the HBO hit Game of Thrones? The same amount, $10 million, it’s costing Facebook billionaire Sean Parker and his bride-to-be, Alexandra Lenas, to have their wedding themed after the show. The two are planning to wed Saturday at the Ventana Inn & Spa in Big Sur and have hired Lord of the Rings costume designer Ngila Dickson to dress their wedding guests in appropriate Westeros attire (so the women will be wearing...nothing?). In a perhaps unfortunate coincidence, the pair will wed the same weekend “The Red Wedding” is set to take place on the show. Let’s hope it’s not a bad omen.

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Kat Von D and Deadmau 5

Kat Von D recently announced that her upcoming wedding to Deadmau 5 would be “the furthest thing from traditional.” The tattoo artist turned reality star told People that H.P. Lovecraft’s horror classic “The Call of Cthulhu,” about a half-human, half-octopus creature, will be the inspiration for the underwater-themed event. Von D’s dress will also match the theme with its use of teal and violet colors. Hopefully, it won’t also have eight legs.

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Marriage can be a thrill—literally, as proved by Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. While the couple was married in a secret ceremony in the Bahamas, they held their wedding reception at the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park.

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Sara Rue and Kevin Price

Actress Sara Rue doesn’t consider herself to be a religious person, so she turned to the next highest power for inspiration for her big day—hummingbirds and butterflies. Rue explained her choice in theme by saying, “Hummingbirds and butterflies to me represent an ‘everything is right in the world’ kind of feeling, and that’s what I wanted on my wedding day.”

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Neither Katy Perry nor Russell Brand are of Indian descent, but that didn’t stop them from holding an extravagant multievent destination wedding in October 2010. The couple reportedly arrived to the ceremony on elephants, traditional for Indian royalty. Unfortunately, the wedding festivities didn’t lead to a happy ending for the couple, as they divorced 14 months later.

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Simon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy

Simon Cowell was planning a Salvador Dalí–themed wedding in 2010, complete with melted-clock décor as an ode to the surrealist painter’s most famous work, The Persistence of Memory. Cowell and fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy didn’t go through with the wedding, though, possibly because Cowell knew he couldn’t grow a curled mustache to stick with the theme.

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Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz went down the rabbit hole for their nuptials in 2008. While they were married by Simpson’s father and not the Mad Hatter, the couple’s Alice in Wonderland reception featured a tea-party-themed cake, complete with an edible teapot, top hat, and pocket watch. The couple’s trip into Wonderland didn’t last forever—they divorced after two and a half years of marriage.

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Katie Price and Kieran Hayler

British model Katie Price went with a Willy Wonka theme for her recent wedding to Kieran Hayler, complete with giant candy decorations and fireworks. Price’s sweet-themed wedding had a sweet price, too, as it cost only £2,000.

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Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight announced that they were separating on the fifth anniversary of their Phantom of the Opera–themed wedding, which was featured on their VH1 reality show My Fair Brady.

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Preston Bailey and Theo Bleckmann

While King Kong is usually associated with tragic romance, celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey chose the ape as the theme for his own wedding to Theo Bleckmann, because he wanted to “give Kong a happy ending.” Fittingly, the ceremony was held at the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day and was also officiated by Joan Rivers.


Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

It’s not exactly clear whether Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock’s wedding theme was nautical or rock and roll, but it didn’t seem to matter to the fun-loving couple. Married on a yacht in St-Tropez, France, Anderson quickly changed into a bikini and a sailor’s cap while Rock shed his shirt after their super-casual ceremony. But the party didn’t continue for the pair, as they were divorced a mere four months later.  

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Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler

After getting engaged at the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler went with an appropriately spooky theme for their wedding. Married October 31, 2004, the Blink-182 drummer and the former Miss U.S.A. had a Nightmare Before Christmas–inspired bash.

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Amber Tamblyn and David Cross

Amber Tamblyn’s fall 2012 wedding to Arrested Development star David Cross had its own themed hashtag, #weddinginthewoods, courtesy of Questlove. For the rustic ceremony, the bride arrived via canoe in a bright yellow dress and went barefoot. Having to rough it didn’t faze the celebrity guests, who included Amy Poehler, Alexis Bledel, and Ryan Reynolds.

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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

Nicole Richie’s December 2010 wedding to Joel Madden was anything but simple. After four years of dating, the couple was married at a Versailles-themed wedding, complete with a gilded wedding cake. The bride also wore three Marchesa dresses during the big day, fit for a modern-day Marie Antoinette.

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A.J. McLean and Rochelle DeAnna Karidis

Who knew that Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean had a dark side? For his December 2011 wedding to longtime girlfriend Rochelle DeAnna Karidis, the boy-band memeber had a gothic-themed event. McLean’s band mate Howie Dorough said that he “wouldn’t expect anything less from A.J. He’s crazy out there,” about the choice in theme.

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

While they were not the first made-for-TV wedding, Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries seemed to fit the themes of ratings and making money off matrimony. From being paid generously for their wedding photos to obtaining sponsorship for their décor, the four-hour Kardashian-Humphries wedding special was one of E!’s highest-rated broadcasts. Many critics, including Kris Humphries himself, have declared the fairy-tale wedding a fraud.