Sketchy Santas

From the hungover to the hairy, a Sean Penn lookalike to the decrepit, see photos of St. Nicks—and the kids forced to endure them—from the popular Sketchy Santas blog.

It's all fun and games, until Santa's hung over.

His beard says Santa but his eyes say Grinch.

She's crying because ET is holding her and he's dressed up as Santa.

Perhaps Saint Nick thought they were tears of joy? Or the effects of a double lollipop sugar buzz.

You would cry too if you were sitting on the most uncomfortable Claus ever.

What this little baby doesn't realize is that Santa's trying to pull off a "blue steel" look and she's getting in his way.

Nothing tops a felt bead, like some Santa-tastic aviators and a fake 'stache.

Ridden with debt, Mark Twain’s last days were dark indeed.

No, you want Marbs for Christmas.

Embarrassed about his balding chin, Santa combed his mutton chops together.

An igloo? No, Santa lives in a basement. Full of toys.

We’ll see what the elves think of unionizing when they get a load of your tiny hands. Into the sack!

These kids seem perfectly aware how creepy Sean Penn is being.

Beard Creep: an unsightly medical condition afflicting 17 percent of Santas. Also, this guy's name.