Snooki, Ellen DeGeneres, and the Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies (PHOTOS)

Aziz Ansari hangs out with Grover, Jenny McCarthy gets inside Miley Cyrus’s mouth, and more sefies celebs tweeted this week.

@heidiklum/Twitter; @petewentz/Twitter; @johnkrasinski/Twitter; officialrickymartin/Instagram; therealsarahhyland/Instagram; snookinic/Instagram; azizansari/Instagram

@heidiklum/Twitter; @petewentz/Twitter; @johnkrasinski/Twitter; officialrickymartin/Instagram; therealsarahhyland/Instagram; snookinic/Instagram; azizansari/Instagram

Aziz Ansari hangs out with Grover, Jenny McCarthy gets inside Miley Cyrus’s mouth, and more sefies celebs tweeted this week.


Rob Lowe

Oh, how this picture brings back memories of Sam Seaborn going up against Republican Ainsley Hayes in The West Wing. Lowe stopped by The O’Reilly Factor while doing press for his new film Killing Kennedy. The accompanying tweet read: “Mano a Mano!TONIGHT on @oreillyfactor


John Krasinski

We wish when we went to work, we felt like we were just “hanging out.” Krasinski tweeted this photo from the set of hitRECord TV where he was hanging out (read: shooting) with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his production company, who he said were “the coolest people doin the COOLEST stuff!”


Ryan Seacrest

Wow, Jay-Z and Kim Kardashian aren’t the only people capable of eliciting a smile out of the often-scowling rapper. Ryan Seacrest posted this photo to his Instagram along with the caption, “Who says Kanye West never smiles?” Guess Seacrest can add “can make Kanye West smile” to his mile-long résumé.


Aziz Ansari

Ansari’s pic with Grover from Sesame Street may be the best buddy photo on this list (sorry Ryan/Kanye and John/Joseph). The matching facial expressions are probably the best part. Also, we’re definitely tuning in for this Sesame Street episode.


Selena Gomez

Gomez posing for selfies with fans at her concert has basically become the norm. Gomez, dressed in what looks like a leopard print onesie, stopped by the barricades to greet fans before taking the stage in Tampa on Wednesday.



Cuteness overload! Snooki posted this picture to her Instagram on Monday with the caption: “Got amazing support from my boys tonight!! Totally dancing for them !! Love you very much @jlavalle5 #DWTS


Ellen DeGeneres

Halloween: the one day of the year when beautiful famous people get to show off their amazing senses of humor by dressing up as other beautiful famous people. Ellen DeGeneres totally killed it this Halloween with her Nikki Minaj costume, channeling the sultry star with exposed boobs and matching roots.


Ricky Martin

Heartthrob Ricky Martin uploaded this creepy clown Instragram “after a long halloween night”. Such a strange blend of our nightmares and our fantasies…


Sarah Hyland

Hyland and Ariel Winter chose nice over naughty this year; the Modern Family stars sported yuletide apparel for a Halloween Instagram.


Jenny McCarthy

McCarthy pulled out all the stops for Halloween this year, dressing up as Miley Cyrus’ tongue. Cue the collective embarrassment of a million costumed revelers who thought their Miley VMAs bear-suit costumes were all that.


Heidi Klum

While women all over the world struggled to fit into tiny costumes, super model Heidi Klum decided to go a whole different route, dressing up as an old lady. If we got to look like Heidi Klum 364 days of the year, we just might have the confidence to take on Halloween as an old maid, too.