Stars With Staches

Artist Frida Kahlo may have had the most legendary female facial hair, but pop star Miley Cyrus recently brought a stick-on version of the look back on Twitter. From Madonna to Sandra Bullock, see more famous ladies who've sported womanly whiskers!

Miley Cyrus

More than a year ago, the Hannah Montana star decided to delete her Twitter account and subsequently rap about it. This past weekend, the now 18-year-old Disney graduate returned to the site. After admitting she just wanted "to follow @charliesheen #winning" and having a 140-character back and forth with the actor, Cyrus celebrated racking up 100,000 followers with some self-adhesive fake hair on her upper lip. "I just wanted a reason to wear a stache," Cyrus tweeted. "P.S. This stache is so sexyyy but it makes me sneeze," she added. In March, the pop star appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and sported a bevy of fake mustaches. She admitted to collecting all kinds of mustache memorabilia and even bought a bedazzled charm in the shape of one that she wears around her neck. "I have a diamond mustache with me at all times," she said.

Sarah Silverman

When Justin Timberlake read the names of nominees for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at the 2009 Emmys, the audience clapped politely as the camera panned on each of the esteemed TV ladies dressed in their red-carpet best. But when it came to the final contender, Sarah Silverman—for The Sarah Silverman Program—the comedian held a deadpan gaze despite the faux 'stache she affixed atop her made-up face. The audience laughed, as did Timberlake, who remained shaken as he attempted to reveal the winner. "Well, that's what hormones will do," he said. Silverman later admitted she'd been preparing for the joke for quite some time. "I had the idea since the day I found out I was nominated," she told The Advocate. "We were in the middle of shooting an episode where I had a mustache—our premiere episode. I knew I had no chance of winning, but I didn't care because this mustache idea made me giggle so much."


The Queen of Pop famously donned menswear in the 1989 music video for her hit "Express Yourself," and more than a decade later, she did the same with Britney Spears for "Me Against the Music" in 2003. But in March, to celebrate the Jewish dress-up holiday Purim, Madonna fully committed to cross-dressing as Charlie Chaplin, complete with suit, tie, black derby hat, and, of course, a phony mini mustache.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Katy Perry

Ever since the songstress stepped onto the scene and claimed to have "Kissed a Girl" (and liked it), she's been known for her ostentatious outfits—from blue wigs to glittery hot pants to Christmas tree dresses to carousel skirts. But Katy Perry added facial hair to the mix on Halloween 2008 when she went as Queen frontman Freddie Mercury and then again at a Christmas concert in 2010, where she was outfitted as a toy soldier, complete with a mustache on a stick.

Sandra Bullock

The Blind Side's leading lady was the talk of Hollywood during 2009 Oscar season. As the film continued to impress audiences and critics alike, Sandra Bullock posed with her hair resting above her upper lip on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, a possible attempt to show her masculine side. "Sexism is everywhere. Ageism is everywhere," the A-list actress told the magazine. "But you know what? It's about making money."

Lauren Conrad

As the quintessential California girl on MTV's Laguna Beach and her spinoff The Hills, Orange County native Lauren Conrad seemed to constantly get manicures and keep her tanned hands looking perfect. But after leaving the series, the reality-TV star wasn't afraid to get her hands—or index finger—dirty. Conrad tweeted a photo of herself wearing a temporary fingerstache tattoo. She opted for the "El Bandito" style, which apparently brought out some evil laughter in her "Moo ha ha" caption.

Michael Stewart / Getty Images

Janet Jackson

If bright red lips weren't enough to make Janet Jackson stand out at Lanvin's Halloween Extravaganza in New York this past October, her pencil-thin mustache certainly sealed the deal. Though the Grammy-winning singer showed off her womanly curves in a black cape and corseted dress, above the neck she went with a fedora with grommets and some Zorro-style facial hair. The mask is really the only thing missing from this gender-confused ensemble.

Lindsay Lohan

Miley Cyrus' mustache necklace may have diamonds, but original Disney troublemaker Lindsay Lohan was the first to set the trend. In December 2008, Lohan had some fun with the paparazzi and showed off her silver $165 facial hair-inspired jewelry by Demitasse. And since it's rumored Lohan is thrifty when it comes to necklaces, it's not surprising she didn't splurge on Cyrus' $1,900 design.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Getty Images

Mischa Barton

Her character's death on The O.C. also marked the end of Mischa Barton's career and her good fashion sense. At the Polo Classic in Los Angeles in October 2010, she wore a long black flapper dress, a heavy choker, and a feathery, skunk-patterned headband with an accompanying gold chain. But Barton apparently thought her busy ensemble needed one final touch, and she found herself faced with the internal accessory question—a mustache on a stick or pouty red lips on a stick?