Syrian Forces Quell Protests

Bassem Tellawi / AP

In this photo taken during a government-organised tour for the media on Wednesday Aug. 10, 2011 a Syrian security officer points to a burnt police station, in Hama city, Syria, which has seen some of the largest anti-government protests of the 5-month-old uprising. The streets of Hama were deserted on Wednesday and the city in central Syria that has come to symbolize defiance against the regime appeared to be under full government control after last week's brutal crackdown on protesters. (AP Photo/Bassem Tellawi)

Syrian security forces have continued to counter protests with violence, killing seven civilians in Kassir, a town in the province of Homs. Communication and electricity were reportedly shut off. President Bashar al-Assad also ordered the mass arrests of those opposing his rule. The violence comes only a day after the U.S. Treasury imposed sanctions to stifle Assad's financial resources, targeting Syria's main commercial bank and cell-phone carrier. Recent reports also say that the Army has gained control of Deir al-Zour near the Iraq border, a move that has drawn condemnation from countries across the world, including nearby Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait, who have recalled their ambassadors from Damascus.