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The 9 Wildest Trends from Men's Fashion Weeks

From furkenstocks to assless chaps and straitjackets, a look at the craziest clothing to emerge from London, Milan, and Paris.

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Whoever said women have more clothing options than men has never been to Men's Fashion Week. This season, men's fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris brought out the bestand worst—in style trends. From furkenstocks to straitjackets, a look at the nine wildest trends to emerge from the fashion capitals of the world.

Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Mouth Pieces

Bobby Abley must have been in the dentist's chair when he was brainstorming ideas for his collection. The designer for MAN included these uncomfortable looking mouthpieces in its London show. WARNING: Bib not included.

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Blankets as Coats

The “blanket as coat” look is the trend we all wish we were brave enough to wear. Sports moms have led the pack for years, but the likes of Burberry and Missoni decided the Fall/Winter 2014 season was finally the time to bring it mainstream.

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Assless Chaps

Better add squats to your workout regimine if you're planning on buying into this trend. Leave it to Donatella Versace to send assless chaps down the runway, bringing attention to the culo while highlighting the designer underwear underneath.

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Trends die for a reason. And when they do, you let them rest in peace. Missoni couldn’t help but resurrect two well-buried trends—Birkenstocks and Uggs—for its Milan show, re-fashioning them for sandals...with fur. Seriously?

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Lycra Leggings

Are leggings the new skinny jean? While they aren’t new to the men’s fashion scene—they're typically layered under shorts or other bottoms—Walter Van Beirendonck featured the skin-tight lycra look alone (as pants) in various colors and patterns.

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Ski Masks

Sure, Margiela may have brought the mask idea to the runway, but Boris Bidjan Saberi took things to the extreme, dressing models in full-face ski masks. Hard to tell if his models are prepping for the polar vortex or ready to rob a bank.

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Furry Baseball Hats

It’s about time that fur met sports hats. Fendi chose the luxe material and fashioned it around a flat-brilled baseball cap.

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Monastic Clothing

Is Rick Owens becoming conservative? Monastic attire was the trend for the brand’s Parisian show, proving that a veiled look resembling a nun’s habit isn’t just for religious women.

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Not as scary as the “mouth piece” trend, this completely impractical straitjacket was a focal point for Katie Eary’s London show.