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The City: Sao Paulo, Brazil (PHOTOS)

From Niemeyer’s architecture to the graffiti transforming favela walls, see pics of Brazil’s biggest city.

Julio Aracil/4See, via Redux

Joao Pina/Redux

An aerial view shows off the contours of the Copan Building, which was designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and functions as a 38-story residential building. Niemeyer’s abstract visions can be found throughout the city.

Danny Lehman/Corbis

A fruit vendor in the Municipal Market stacks her colorful wares.

Massimo Borchi/ Atlantide Phototravel, via Corbis

Visitors to the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo sit on the fountain outside.

Julio Aracil/4See, via Redux

A cowboy rides a bull during an international competition in Sao Paulo. The bulls used for the rodeo weigh from 600 to more than 1000 kilograms and are prized for their agility.

Nacho Doce/Reuters, via Landov

A young boy hops onto a truck carrying oranges in the Vila Flavia favela. Behind him is graffiti painted by artists from OPNI, an organization that uses graffiti to improve life in the slums. OPNI, a Portuguese acronym that means “Unidentified Graffiti Artists,” was formed by street kids with the goal of transforming the streets into an open-air gallery to denounce social injustices. It now offers workshops in art, capoeira dance, and graffiti to the community.

Jean Heintz/Corbis

A hiker admires a waterfall in the Sao Francisco Xavier area.

Paulo Fridman/Corbis

A glowing orange sunset illuminates a mother and her children as they stroll along a Sao Paulo beach.

Chris McAndrew/Camera Press, via Redux

The skyscrapers of Sao Paulo glimmer at night, as seen from the city’s tallest bar.