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The Iconography of Bill Murray (PHOTOS)

From T-shirts to fake ice cream pints and even onesies, you can’t escape the actor’s face these days. See photos.

Courtesy theCHIVE; Society6; jvh33/Flickr; HamburgrHotdog

Courtesy theCHIVE; Society6; jvh33/Flickr; HamburgrHotdog

The Iconography of Bill Murray

We loved him in Caddyshack. He stole the show in Ghostbusters. He stole our hearts in Lost in Translation and convincingly played FDR in Hyde Park on Hudson. So why can’t his face be on T-shirts? How about fake ice cream pints? Mona Lisa posters? onesies? The Daily Beast checks outt some of the better Bill Murray iconography.


Napoleon Portrait

Few could pull off looking like Napoleon, but Murray’s a natural.

Courtesy trulysanctuary

Baby Onesie

For the baby who has everything.

Courtesy HamburgrHotdog

The Queen

The resemblence between Murray and Queen Elizabeth II is striking.

Charles McFarlane; Courtesy

Murray Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is one of the world's most famous paintings. But you can always make improvements, which is clearly what these Bill-Murray-as-the-Mona-Lisa posters prove.


A History of Murray’s Costumes

From his jumpsuit in Ghostbusters to his getup in Kingpin, this video from Niege Borges highlights the best costumes of Murray’s most famous roles.




The Bill Murray T-Shirt

Somewhere in Brooklyn, there is a hipster wearing this shirt with Murray’s face on it.

Ice Cream

This imaginary flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream makes you want to shout “It’s in the hole!” and raise your arms triumphantly.



Bill Murray Tattoo

Getting Murray’s face tattoed on your calf takes a lot of dedication.

Coloring Book

As the cover notes, this coloring book was inspired by the “great man of cinema.”