The Week’s Best Internet Memes: Rick Perry, Oprah and “Steve Gobs”

From Rick Perry’s “Oops” to Gob as Steve Jobs, The Daily Beast brings you this week’s best Internet memes.

From Rick Perry’s “Oops” to Will Arnett as Steve Jobs, The Daily Beast brings you this week’s best Internet memes.

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Rick Perry forgetting one of the three government agencies he planned to slash as president was the biggest thing to happen to a GOP debate since Romney grabbed his shoulder a few weeks back. His line, “Oops,” was quickly a hot hashtag on Twitter, followed soon after by memes and parodies from sites like Funny or Die. Even Yelp made fun of Perry in their app description. If his presidential campaign ends here, at least he’s made it into the hall of fame for debate blunders.

Steve Gobs

If anyone was further from the reasonable Steve Jobs, it would be Gob (pronounced Jobe), the loud, bragging older brother on Arrested Development. But he bears a strange resemblance to the late Apple founder. Put these things together, add some hilarious lines he could say if the two personas were mixed and you get Steve Gobs leading an Apple unveiling in a black turtleneck and jeans.


Mustaches meeting hair meeting mustaches? What would Freud think? From Salvador Dali to Hulk Hogan, mustachioed memes are growing heads where their mouths should be.

Insanity Puppy

It’s like that terrifying part of a horror film when the killer looks straight into the camera and you see murder in his eyes. Just sub in an adorable husky puppy with crystal-clear baby blues and you get this meme. It’s only semi-threatening when he says things like, “He wouldn’t take me for a walk. Now he’ll never walk again” and “Digs a hole for a new bone. Six feet deep.” Aww...

The Best of the Scumbag

When the original Scumbag Steve surfaced years ago, the Internet exploded with scumbag-style memes. Buzzfeed recently tracked down the best, which range from the social commentary (Scumbag College: “Makes you pay 100 grand. Begs for donations after graduation”) to the ridiculous (Scumbag R2D2: “Knows who Luke’s father is. Never tells him”).

Oprah Walking Over Hot Coals

Tony Robbins got Oprah to walk across hot coals. Naturally, her beyond-alarmed expression yielded some great memes. Few things are as shocking as a terrified billionaire running away from something.

Traveling Cat

MySpace-era self-portraits are so over, but apparently no one told this cat. He’s snapping photos of himself all over the world--down the aisle with Kim and Kris and hanging with the crowds at the Crucifixion. Best. Photobomb. Ever.

Tea Party Ted

This Tea Partier has a gnarly getup. Time to set him straight with a few carefully chosen “facts.” Underneath the entertainment, there’s some strong criticism of the right-wing group. “I can’t even comprehend the problem. But boy am I pissed about it,” one slide reads.

The Kitten Covers

Kittens plus classic album covers equals Internet gold. Bob Kitten and London Meowing are our faves. What are yours?

Huh Guy

A one-word line from this AT&T commercial was material enough for scores of bloggers across the Web. After the actor submitted his commercial appearance to Reddit, the Internet jumped on his line, “Huh,” adapting it every which way to applaud his talent.