The Year of the Insane Wedding Photo: Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Jurassic Park’ Disasterpiece, Kimye’s Floral Smooch, and More

While it’s hard to resist the raw magnetic power of a Kim selfie, these arresting nuptial shots of celebs, daredevils, and rapping wedding crashers offer a compelling alternative.

Adam Biesenthal Photography/Facebook

Adam Biesenthal Photography/Facebook

Jeff Goldblum

From the funeral selfie to the presidential selfie, we're undeniably living in the age of the narcissistic, one-handed, duck-faced snap. But while the advent of the funeral selfie seems as good an indicator as any of the impending apocalypse, some brave humans, aided by the combined power of love and professional photography, are attempting to combat the power of the selfie through the ageless art of the wedding photo. These pictures, which are more or less composed of two lovebirds, are miraculously taken by a third individual, not seen in the frame. And while it's hard to resist the raw magnetic power of a Kim Kardashian selfie, these arresting nuptial shots of celebrities, daredevils, and a group of rapping wedding crashers, offer a compelling alternative.


This ridiculous snap proves once and for all that Photoshop does have a place in wedding photography, besides just Photoshopping your bedridden great aunt's head into extended family shots. Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum was relaxing at a friend's wedding, minding his own business when (dun dun dun) the bride and groom asked him to take part in a dinosaur-centric photo shoot. According to photographer Adam Biesenthal, who captured Goldblum's brief return to the Mesozoic era, the actor "enthusiastically agreed" to take part in the picture and really got into character for the photo. You can take the man out of Jurassic Park, but you can't… you get it.


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This is a bit of a weird one! In July, a photo of newlyweds Amy and Ian, their bridal party, and an enthusiastic group of teenage wedding crashers went viral, accompanied by two text screenshots. The screenshots implied that an invitation to a BBQ and wedding photo fiesta had been sent to a wrong number; while the bride insisted that she made a mistake, the recipient just responded "You have the wrong number but me and my boys will be there…We still coming." The killer screenshot/picture combo generated its own hashtag, #WeStillComing, and the story was picked up all over the world. Unfortunately, that's not how it really went down. Amy and Ian simply stumbled upon a rap group shooting a video in Detroit, and the artists invited them into the shoot. 

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And now we have no choice but to talk about the Kimye photo because you, the citizens of the world, "like" this one picture more than you have ever "liked" any other image (at least since the advent of Instagram). It's hard to pinpoint the most "likable" part of this snapshot: is it Kim's papal robe? The mega-stars' passionate lip-lock? The flower topiary-on-crack? The ray of benevolent light streaming straight from the heavens? No, it's definitely the fact that Kanye and Kim spent a huge portion of their honeymoon editing this one picture, due to the fact that Annie Leibovitz pulled out of the shoot just days before the wedding.


Love in a Hopeless Place

Michael Wolber and April Hartler found love in a hopeless place last June when a sudden wildfire forced them to move their Oregon wedding ceremony. As the guests, caterers, and DJ all moved to safer ground, the courageous couple stayed behind to take these stunning photographs, many of which were captured by just a smartphone. The couple was eventually able to escape with both their lives and some inimitable scrapbook fodder.

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Bill Murray

Given his slew of wedding crashes, these days it seems like more of a distinction to pull off a Bill Murray-less wedding than to have the actor and comedian make one of his signature impromptu appearances. Back in May, Murray stumbled on to the set of Erik Rogers and Ashley Donald's engagement photo shoot in Charleston. After distracting the young couple with some strangely juvenile antics out of frame (sticking out his belly, lifting his shirt, tapping his stomach, etc.), the undoubtedly exasperated photographer finally asked Murray to hop into the shot, with predictably strange results.


Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton's "White Houses" is an amazing, catchy, karaoke-friendly song about losing your virginity. With that accomplishment already under her belt, it's no surprise that Carlton was able to easily pull off one of the world's coolest weddings. The 33-year-old songstress married John McCauley in a scenic ceremony, donning a gorgeous white gown and accompanying flower headpiece. But the kicker was the woman doing the honors, none other than Fleetwood Mac's (reverend?) Stevie Nicks, who officiated the stunning ceremony. No biggie. 

Zoltan Mesko/Facebook

Patriots' Punter

Former Patriots' punter Zoltan Mesko made waves earlier this summer for his most amazing physical feat yet: levitation. When Mesko posted this photo of his wedding party, it didn't take long for the Interwebs to realize that this wasn't just your classic jumping shot. Through some serious concentration (or multiple takes), Mesko has managed to remain completely upright and nonchalant in this photo, to the point where it really does look like he's discovered a way to effortlessly defy gravity. The player, who's currently a free agent, has clearly been making good use of his free time.