Trump Angry John McCain Didn’t Say ‘Thank You’ for Funeral After Death

While speaking in Lima, Ohio, on Wednesday, President Trump said that he gave the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) the “kind of funeral that he wanted”—and complained that he didn’t “get [a] thank you” afterwards. “I gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted—which, as president, I had to approve,” Trump said. “I don’t care about this, but I didn’t get thank you—that’s okay. We sent him on the way, but I wasn’t a fan of John McCain.” Trump earlier lamented McCain’s support for the Iraq War, claiming that it triggered the long, ongoing U.S. presence in the region. “We’re in a war in the Middle East that McCain pushed so hard. He was calling Bush, President Bush, all the time—‘get into the Middle East, get into the Middle East,’” Trump said. “Thousands and thousands of our people have been killed, millions of people overall, and frankly—we’re straightening it out now—but it’s been a disaster for our country... and what do we have? It’s worse than it was 19 years ago. I call them the endless wars.” Earlier this week, the president said McCain was “last in his class” at the United States Naval Academy and accused the late senator of leaking parts of the Steele dossier to journalists.