Trump Condemns ‘Horrific’ London Attack

In his first public comments on events in London, President Trump on Sunday night condemned Saturday’s “horrific” terror attack in London that left seven dead and 48 wounded. Speaking at a fundraising event in Washington, the president struck a different tone from his earlier tweets on the attack, saying that “this bloodshed must end.” “We renew our resolve, stronger than ever before, to protect the United States and its allies from a vile enemy that has waged war on innocent life. And it has gone on too long,” he said. “As president, I will do what is necessary is to prevent this threat from spreading to our shores.” Earlier, Trump came under fire for appearing to politicize the attack, having taken to Twitter to stress the need to pass his “travel ban” in the immediate aftermath of the violence. On Sunday morning, he criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan for reassuring Londoners that there’s “no reason to be alarmed.”