Trump Withdraws U.S. from Paris Climate Accord

The United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, President Trump announced Thursday during a Rose Garden address. “In order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect its citizens,” he said, “the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord.” On a conference call with Capitol Hill staffers ahead of the speech, White House energy policy adviser Michael Catanzaro confirmed that “the United States is getting out of the Paris agreement.” Trump, the adviser said, “will be open to and will immediately be looking for a better deal.” A source provided The Daily Beast with the call-in information. The process could be a lengthy one, as both Trump and Catanzaro said the administration will follow the steps for withdrawal laid out in the deal itself. “We will initiate the process, which, all told, takes four years in total. But we’re going to make very clear to the world that we’re not going to be abiding by what the previous administration agreed to.” Trump’s withdrawal from the accord fulfills a major campaign promise, and dovetails with his “America First” mantra, a point stressed by White House deputy communications director Raj Shah in a separate conference call with conservative think tanks and pundits. “The president’s action today is going to be in keeping with the president’s pledge to put American workers first,” Shah said. He asked those on the call write statements, op-eds, and tweets supporting the president’s decision.

—Lachlan Markay