Uchitel Nightlife

For Tiger’s alleged mistress, partying is family business. Gerald Posner reveals her grandfather’s secret Mafia ties (and the hit put on his life). Plus, PHOTOS of Uchitel nightlife, then and now.

Splash News

Splash News

Rachel Uchitel outside of a New York nightclub in June 2008. Uchitel told friends her "dream" was to recreate the kind of nightclub that her grandfather owned in the 1960s.

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The El Morocco nightclub. Uchitel's grandfather owned the legendary nightclub as well as Miami Beach's iconic Eden Roc hotel.

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Entertainer Frank Sinatra giving the OK sign while socializing with Ed Sullivan (standing) and others at the Eden Roc, a hotel Maurice Uchitel owned. Uchitel was both friends and partners with some of the 20th century's great mobsters, and even had a hit out on his head that he managed to avoid.

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Rachel Uchitel clubbing with friends at Club Dune in Southampton, New York, in June 2007. She was estranged from her club-owning grandfather until near the end of his life, when they began talking on the phone. He left his granddaughter $150,000.

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Producer George Jessel, right, points to comedian Allan King, who was seated at a table with friends in the main room at El Morocco nightclub in New York City, Sept. 12, 1968.

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Rachel Uchitel out on the town.

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At the El Morocco restaurant, owner John Perona (left) describes some of the menu items to Dominican diplomat and socialite Porfirio Rubirosa and Mrs. Serge Semenenko, New York, late 1950s. Maurice Uchitel bought the club in the 1960s.


Jason Strauss, Rachel Uchitel at the LIVE4LIFE Benefit Gala at New York's Mandarin Oriental, on October 16, 2006.

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Joe DiMaggio draws a big smile from his movie-star wife Marilyn Monroe at the El Morocco restaurant in New York City on Sept. I2, 1954.

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Rachel Uchitel at Michael Hirtenstein's dinner party at Le Bilboquet in New York on September 19, 2007.

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12th May 1965: From left to right, actor George Sewell, London gangster Reggie Kray, actress Barbara Windsor and Reggie's brother Ronnie Kray, at the El Morocco nightclub.

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A new El Morocco, reborn as a private club, opens in New York City on Dec. 16, 1971.