Valentine’s Day Dogs, Cats and other Animals with Heart Marks (Photos)

The Daily Beast finds furry friends with adorable heart-shaped marks on their bodies.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we find furry friends with adorable heart-shaped marks on their bodies.

Splash News / Newscom

Too cute to eat?

This little piggy, named Valentine, was born with a heart on its back just days before Valentine’s Day. The pig is a Gloucestershire Old Spot, a rare bread specific to western England.

Issei Kato, Reuters / Landov

Celebrity spotting

Christened “the cutest dog in Japan” in 2007, a long-coated Chihuahua named Heart-kun was born in May 2007 and became an instant celebrity after a local TV station aired his picture. The owner of the shop where Heart-kun  was born believes he brought her luck.

Toru Hanai, Reuters / Landov

…and his little brother, too

Meet Love-kun, Heart-kun’s little brother. No, really. This long-coated Chihuahua was born in August 2009 at the same shop as Heart-kun in the tiny northern town of Odate, Japan.


Trio of hearts

This cute little calf was also born in Japan, and like Heart-kun and Love-kun, she got a spot-inspired name… Heart. The adorable cow was born in late January 2009, just a couple weeks before—you guessed it!—Valentine’s Day.

Adam Gray / SWNS.COM

Meet Bettie Davis

This pretty kitty, from the Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home in Britain, is named for the late American film actress.

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What a Lovebird

This Emperor penguin doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, he wears it right on his chest. Wildlife film-maker Sue Flood told The Daily Mail last year that she had never seen such a penguin in 30 trips to the frozen tundra.

tonythesuperperson / Flickr

Dark hearted

This mostly-white feline has a beautiful heart-shaped mark near its hind legs. The only other dark markings are on its face.