Week in Photos: July 26, 2014

From the bodies of the MH17 disaster arriving in the Netherlands to scenes from the Israel-Gaza conflict and fencing in Russia, a look at the week’s most striking photos.

Andrew Burton/Getty

Finbarr O'Reilly/Reuters

Northern Gaza Strip

July 24, 2014
A Palestinian man holds a girl whom medics said was injured in an Israeli shelling at a U.N-run school sheltering Palestinian refugees. At least 15 people were killed and many wounded on Thursday when Israeli forces shelled a U.N.-run school sheltering Palestinian refugees in northern Gaza, said a spokesman for the Gaza health ministry, Ashraf al-Qidra. Chris Gunness, spokesman for the main U.N. agency in Gaza, UNRWA, confirmed the strike and criticized Israel. The Israel Defense Forces had no immediate comment on the reports.

Mohammed Salem/Reuters

Gaza City, Gaza Strip

July 21, 2014
The aunt (C) of Palestinian boy Mohammed Ayad, who medics said was killed during heavy Israeli shelling, mourns during his funeral. Israeli forces killed at least 10 Palestinian militants on Monday after they crossed the border from Gaza through two tunnels, the military said.

Andrew Burton/Getty

Ashkelon, Israel

July 22, 2014
The grandmother of Israeli soldier private first class Jordan Bensimon cries over his casket during his funeral. Bensimon was 22 and originally from France.

Andrew Burton/Getty

Kafar Aza, Israel

July 23, 2014
Wounded Israeli soldiers are brought to a helicopter. As Operation Protective Edge entered its 16th day, 29 Israeli soldiers had been killed and more than 600 Palestinians killed in Gaza.

Michael Kooren/Reuters

Hilversum, Netherlands

July 23, 2014
Family members of the victims killed in Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 plane disaster are seen reacting next to Mayor Pieter Broertjes (R) through the window of a hearse carrying the victims’ bodies as they arrive at the Korporaal van Oudheusden barracks. A Dutch air force transport plane carrying the first 16 coffins with the remains of victims of the downed Malaysian airliner landed at Eindhoven airport on Wednesday from an airport in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. The bodies of the victims will remain at the barracks until they are identified by forensic experts.


Fuzhou, China

July 24, 2014
Vehicles are submerged in a flooded street. Typhoon Matmo landed in Fujian province on Wednesday, bringing with it gales and heavy rainfall to east China.

John Moore/Getty

Falfurrias, Texas

July 22, 2014
U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents take undocumented immigrants into custody. Thousands of immigrants, many of them minors, have crossed illegally into the United States this year, causing a humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border. Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced that he will send 1,000 National Guard troops to help stem the flow.

Thomas Peter/Reuters

Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan

July 23, 2014
A German air force crew member sits at the back door of a CH-53 helicopter as it approaches Camp Marmal.

Pichi Chuang/Reuters

Penghu, Taiwan

July 24, 2014
A man stands in his backyard and looks at the wreckage of a TransAsia Airways turboprop plane that crashed on the offshore island. The leaders of rivals China and Taiwan expressed condolences on Thursday for victims of the plane that crashed during a thunderstorm the previous day, killing 48 people, including two French nationals.

Jon Nazca/Reuters

Malaga, Spain

July 19, 2014
A flamingo and flamingo chicks are seen in a corral before being tagged at dawn at the Fuente de Piedra nature reserve. About 600 flamingos were tagged and measured before being placed in the lagoon, one of the largest colonies of flamingos in Europe, according to officials from the reserve.

Grigory Dukor/Reuters

Kazan, Russia

July 21, 2014
Nicolas Limbach of Germany celebrates a victory after competing against Woo Young Won of South Korea in the men’s team sabre final match at the World Fencing Championships.

Dan Kitwood/Getty

London, England

July 22, 2014
A bug sits on clover. Many insects can be seen emerging during the summer months in local urban parks in the heart of the capital.