134 Herders Killed by Gunmen in Mali's Worst Violence Yet

Gunmen killed at least 134 herders in Mali on Saturday, the deadliest attack of recent times in a region suffering from worsening ethnic and jihadist violence. Moulaye Guindo, mayor of the nearby town of Bankass, said armed men, dressed as traditional hunters, encircled and attacked the herders at about 4 a.m. “We are provisionally at 134 bodies recovered by the gendarmes,” Guindo told Reuters. Security sources said the dead included pregnant women, children, and elderly people. The assault, along with another on a nearby village, took place as a U.N. Security Council mission visited Mali seeking solutions to violence that killed hundreds of civilians last year and is spreading across West Africa’s Sahel region. One resident said the attack appeared to be in retaliation for an al Qaeda affiliate’s claim of responsibility on Friday for a raid last week that killed 23 soldiers.