2 Shot Dead in NYC Home Depot

A crowded Home Depot in Chelsea erupted into violence Sunday afternoon when Calvin Esdaile, 31, of Brooklyn, shot a store manager in the store’s lighting department and then turned the gun on himself, sending panicked shoppers running for the exits. Edaile, who reportedly was recently fired from the store, died at the scene, and the manager, 38, died after being sent to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition. “I was in the aisle next to where the shooting happened. I had just gotten in there, and I heard about five shots. I thought it was fireworks. But then I saw people running and I should have run with them. But I looked into the next aisle,” a witness told the New York Post. “I felt that I had nothing to fear because the shooter had just shot himself in the head. From what I’m hearing from employees it was a disgruntled worker who came to shoot his supervisor after he got fired.”