51 Larry Nassar Victims Sue U.S. Olympic Committee for Failing to Stop Sexual Abuse

Fifty-one women and young girls are suing the United States Olympic Committee, for failing to prevent sexual abuse by former coaches and national team doctor Larry Nassar, who is in prison for sexually abusing underage gymnasts. The lawsuit names committee officers, directors, and the national governing board. The 134-page lawsuit was filed in U. S. District Court of Colorado in Denver on Tuesday alleging that those who could have prevented the abuse of young female athletes concealed it, were negligent with reports and investigations, and allowed for the abuse to continue. The lawsuit also asserts that to this day, the committee and its directors are not taking proper measures against employees or representatives who were accused of sexual abuse. The youngest athlete was 8 at the time of the alleged abuse. Nassar was sentenced to over 175 years, and will likely die in prison.