63-Year-Old Massachusetts Woman Killed in Family Fight

A 63-year-old Massachusetts woman was killed Sunday night after a family dispute spun out of control, according to authorities cited in a Monday report from the Boston Globe. The drama reportedly began on Snapchat, where Modesta Gomez, the victim’s 23-year-old niece, Fiordaliza Gomez, the victim’s daughter, and Ana Baez, another relative, were arguing. Baez and Modesta Gomez then reportedly drove separate cars to Martina Gomez’s home in Methuen to find Fiordaliza, authorities said. When Modesta arrived, she allegedly began striking Fiordaliza, which prompted the 63-year-old Martina to defend her daughter. Modesta claims that she “might have thrown a punch” at Martina, authorities say, but Martina’s family insists that Modesta repeatedly slammed her head against the wall.

Once Fiordaliza yelled that her mother had high blood pressure, Modesta allegedly stopped fighting her and the family attempted to take Martina to the hospital. Police arrived on the scene at the same time and provided care, but Martina was pronounced dead hours later. Modesta now faces charges of “assault and battery on a person over 60 and assault and battery,” the Globe reports, and the investigation remains open.