Death on Instagram

A Teen Who Livestreamed Her Sister’s Fatal Car Crash Is Going to Prison

An 18-year-old who crashed a car while drunk and livestreaming on Instagram, killing her younger sister, has been sentenced to six years in prison. In a graphic video that went viral worldwide, Obdulia Sanchez—from Stockton, California—livestreamed herself singing and dancing in the car, crashing, and then filmed her sister as she lay injured on the ground. The court heard that, in the video, Sanchez said she was “hella drunk” and said: “I don’t care if I go to jail for life.” In a prepared statement in court expressing her remorse, Sanchez said: “I feel like such an idiot. Why did God choose me to be the older sister? I can’t even do my job right.” Sanchez’s earliest possible release date is reported to be half her sentence from the day of the crash.