Accused Mail-Bomber Cesar Sayoc Threw Urine at Lesbian Couple in Road-Rage Attack: Report

Accused mail-bomber Cesar Sayoc reportedly threw cups of urine at a same-sex couple in a road-rage incident earlier this year, according to The Miami Herald. Indiana Parra and her girlfriend Rimbow Gomez reportedly told police they were riding on a moped together in March when a man in a Dodge Ram covered in political stickers threw two cups of urine at them. “Get off the road,” Sayoc reportedly told them, using a slur for lesbians. Sayoc then allegedly tried to run them off the road, chasing them until he lost them in a parking lot. The women told the Hollywood Police Department, “‘A maniac Trump supporter threw piss on us,’” according to the report. The incident was described as a potential "aggravated battery" by police but Sayoc was apparently never charged. Parra and Gomez said they didn't hear from police again until October, when they were informed their alleged attacker had been arrested for mailing pipe-bombs to prominent anti-Trump figures.