Accused Sexual Predator Trump Mocks ‘#MeToo Generation’ at Rally

The president’s remarks came on the same day he officially hired a former Fox News executive who allegedly covered up sexual harassment.

Carolyn Kaster/AP

During a rally in Great Falls, Montana on Thursday, President Donald Trump continued to attack possible 2020 opponent, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and in the process insulted the entire #MeToo movement while he was at it.

At one point during yet another rambling speech to supporters, Trump offered the Massachusetts Democrat $1 million, to a charity of her choice, if she could prove that she is Native American. Repeating his favored insult for Warren, Trump said he would apologize to the real Pocahontas, but not to the “fake Pocahontas.”

Previewing a potential debate showdown, Trump “promised” the crowd that he would present Warren with a DNA test. “I’m going to get one of those little kits and in the middle of the debate, when she proclaims she’s of Indian heritage — because her mother said she has high cheekbones, that’s her only evidence,” Trump said. “We will take that little kit, but we have to do it gently, because we’re in the ‘me too’ generation, so we have to be very gentle.”

The crowd laughed at Trump mimed throwing the “know your heritage” kit at Warren and offering her money if she can prove she’s “an Indian.” The president added that he “has a feeling she will say no” but will wait for the debates to find out.

The million dollar offer is right out of the president’s playbook, offering to pay Obama $5 million to produce his birth certificate in 2012 — a promise on which he of course never followed through. It’s also a move that comedian Bill Maher parodied several years ago when he offered to pay Trump $5 million if he could prove he’s not the spawn of an orangutan. Trump did so and actually sued Maher for the money.

But while his jabs at Warren’s supposed Native American heritage are old news by now, and she quickly fired back—

—it’s his casually tossed-off dismissal of the #MeToo movement that could cause even more uproar from those who are still angry he — unlike so many other powerful men — has emerged unscathed after more than a dozen women have accused him of sexual harassment or assault.

Trump made his remarks on the very same day he officially welcomed former Fox News executive Bill Shine to the White House as his new deputy chief of staff for communications. Shine was ousted from Fox last year after several lawsuits claimed he helped cover up systematic sexual abuse by the late Roger Ailes during his tenure at the network.