Alex Jones Takes the Stand in Custody Battle, Admits to Cheating on Wife

The InfoWars founder was cross-examined by his ex-wife’s attorney in court Thursday.

Jim Bourg/Reuters

AUSTIN — George Soros super weed, Star Trek lizard people, and partial amnesia caused by a big bowl of Texas chili all made appearances as Alex Jones took the stand for the second day of testimony in the Infowars founder’s custody battle on Thursday.

Jones faced needling questioning by his ex-wife’s attorney Billy Newman, and seemed ready to tie his own noose, especially on the topic of his previous infidelity.

Asked about smoking marijuana, Jones confirmed that he’d smoked on the Joe Rogan show in California—where it is legal—though he added that he “smokes it once a year to monitor its strength” because marijuana is too strong these days and accused George Soros of using it “to brain-damage people”.

When Newman asked if there’s a better way for him—a father of three—to test the potency, he said “that’s how law enforcement does it”.

Jones also denied that he had ever been drunk on his show, and said that sometimes he drinks two drinks a day, sometimes only every few months, but that, “it makes me fat so I try to cut back”.

The questioning began however with Newman asking Jones about a statement Jones made in his deposition, when he said he couldn’t recall the names of his children’s teachers because he, “had a big bowl of chili for lunch”.

Jones confirmed the amnesia-inducing qualities of chili from the Texas Chili Parlor down the street from the courthouse, which scored an unsolicited product placement, and clarified that on Thursday he only had two breakfast tacos and should not suffer any memory problems.

Jones also returned to the headline-inducing statement by his legal team that his on-air persona is an act. He said he agrees with this assertion, but “not the way the media is presenting it, they are playing mind games with the public”. (Earlier in the hallway, he referred to a group of reporters as “famous fiction writers”)

As Jones explained it, the political stances he believes in are absolutely real, and Infowars is 90% news with some comical, satirical bits, including one where he “dresses as the Star Trek Lizard and says kids take your vaccines”.

He also took the occasion to call out Stephen Colbert for "making fun of me this week" and asked whether or not Colbert "brings his character home to his kids".

Jones denied that he ever takes his bombastic behavior home to his kids, though he did say he films his show often at home—with the door closed.

The comical and strange Jones moments on the stand were entertaining, but probably not as damaging as the portion where he confirmed that he had slept with a woman other than his wife prior to their marriage. In his deposition, he confirmed it took place while he and his new wife were engaged, but in court on Thursday he sputtered and contradicted himself.

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How this plays with the seven female jurors could spell trouble for Jones.

In addition, all of Jones’ strange utterances and sexual history might not be as damaging as the recordings played of his children speaking about their mother.

There is no mention in those tapes of George Soros, Sandy Hook, or lizard people, but they are certainly sad and troubling, and a painful reminder of what’s at the heart of this custody battle.