Ann Coulter: Ted Cruz a ‘Little Bitch’ for Snubbing Trump

The conservative firebrand told CNBC how she really feels about Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump.


Donald Trump liked to call Ted Cruz “Lyin’ Ted” during their fierce battle for the Republican presidential nomination over the past year. But after Cruz refused to endorse Trump from the stage at the RNC last night, the Texas senator has picked up a few new nicknames.

Both Cruz’s colleague Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and RNC spokesperson Sean Spicer appear to agree that he’s an “asshole." Former House Speaker John Boehner wants the world to know that “Lucifer is back.” And now Ann Coulter has called him a “little bitch” on CNBC.

Coulter, a fervent Trump cheerleader—who, for some reason, did not land a prime speaking spot at the convention—told CNBC’s Squawk Box on Thursday that she hadn’t watched a “single moment” of the proceedings from Cleveland on television. But when she heard Cruz had “just committed suicide” in front of the GOP delegates and millions of viewers, she decided to check it out.

“Oh my gosh, that's the only thing I wish I had been in the hall for,” the conservative pundit said. “It's like professional wrestling. It's amazing that he does not have people around him to tell him, ‘Ted, maybe you shouldn't be committing suicide live on national TV.’”

Coulter flat-out rejected the notion that this could be the kick-off moment of Cruz’s 2020 campaign, saying, “I’m beginning to understand why Ted Cruz has been hated by everyone every place he's been, from kindergarten to the United States Senate.”

“You would think it would occur to him,” she continued, piling on the senator, “‘Every place I've ever been, everyone has hated me. My only shot is to tie my wagon to Donald Trump. Maybe I can be attorney general or solicitor general.’ And no. Rubio comes out and, as tepid as it may be, he does endorse Donald Trump. It's Cruz who is the little bitch who can't get over it.”