Who Said It?

Anne Hathaway Vs. Claire Danes: The Daily Beast Awards-Speech Quiz

Match these 23 awards-show quotes with the right actress—Anne Hathaway or Claire Danes!

Anne Hathaway and Claire Danes are both former child actresses who are good friends, even if one lampooned the other recently on Saturday Night Live. And they are both taking home virtually every trophy up for grabs this awards season—Hathaway for best supporting actress as Fantine in Les Misérables, and Danes for best actress in a TV drama as Carrie Mathison in Showtime’s Homeland. There’s one other common thread that binds these two actresses: they both give breathless, polarizing acceptance speeches. See if you can tell who said what with The Daily Beast’s quiz below!

A. “Blerg! Thanks for that word, Tina.”

B. “I guess I’m an actor, not an actress. That answers that question.”

C. “I’m just so thrilled that I have dental.”

D. “I’m so happy, my gums are receding.”

E. “Thanks for this lovely blunt object that I will forever more use as a weapon against all self-doubt.”

F. “I want to thank our cast who are fearless and impossibly talented.”

G. “I want to thank my cast who is really at this point my extended family.”

H. “And my husband. Honey, you make every day better than the last, and thank you for the best string of yesterdays I have ever had.”

I. “My husband! My love! My life! … This doesn’t mean anything without you!”

J. “Thank you to … my brand new husband, who I couldn’t love more than I do.”

K. “Thank you to my husband, my newish family. Who keeps me sane and happy.”

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L. “Thank you so much to my husband. I’ll tell you why I love you later.”

M. “Oh! And my husband!

N. “Thanks Dad! … It was a very dramatic household.”

O. “I first won this award when I was 15 … I was utterly stunned and overwhelmed, as one is. The first thing I did, when I left the stage was burst into tears, because I realized I forgot to thank my parents.”

P. “This is a bittersweet moment for me because I have this award, but you spelled my name wrong. It’s probably in bad taste for me to point that out here. Sorry, don’t mean to be gauche.”

Q. “The actors I don’t get to act with actively so much … but we are so very connected.”

R. “I want to thank my representatives. When you’re an actor and you have great representation, you are so far ahead of the curve.”

S. “I have to thank my manager. Fourteen years; we’ve been together longer than the Beatles and that’s so cool.”

T. “To my team, everyone at WME.”

U. “I got my SAG card when I was 14. It felt like the beginning of the world.”

V. “Holler!”

W. “Thank you so much! Ohmygod! I don’t know how to win awards.”


Anne Hathaway: A (2013 Golden Globe Awards), C (2013 SAG Awards), D (2009 Critics Choice Awards), E (2013 Golden Globe Awards), F (2013 Golden Globe Awards), H (2013 Golden Globe Awards), J (2013 Critics Choice Awards), L (2013 SAG Awards), N (2013 SAG Awards), P (2013 Critics Choice Awards), R (2013 SAG Awards), S (2013 SAG Awards), U (2013 SAG Awards), W (2009 Critics Choice Awards).

Claire Danes: B (2013 SAG Awards), G (2013 Golden Globe Awards), I (2012 Emmys), K (2012 Golden Globe Awards), M (2013 SAG Awards), O (2012 Golden Globes Awards), Q (2013 SAG Awards), T (2012 Emmys), V (2012 Emmys).