Mac Ladies

Apple Female Users Are "Pretty Hot, If Awkwardly Dressed"

The differences between Apple and PC users often inspire heated debates between both sides. This summer it was even revealed that searches on Orbitz reportedly steer Mac users towards more expensive hotel reservations than those booking with a PC. But now comes hardened evidence about the Mac user’s demographics—female Mac users to be specific. Silicon Valley company BlueStacks combined recent Nielsen statistics with their own research compiled from their 1.1 million Facebook fans, yielding some pretty interesting results about Apple’s girlier fans. It seems that these ladies have a pretty distinct sense of style, creating an image that The Next Web calls, “pretty hot, if awkwardly dressed.”

Among the fashion-related findings are:

-Only 9% of female users wear skirts, while 77% wear jeans

-An overwhelming 63% wear sneakers, while an equal 8% is devoted to dress shoes, flats, and flip flops

-43% of the women wear glasses

-52% wear glasses

-And a marginal, though impressive (given the circumstances) 2% have blue hair