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Aspiring Rapper Live-Tweets Soldier Beheading in London

Stumbling upon a beheading in progress, a London rapper live-tweeted the Woolwich beheading of a soldier. These are his tweets.

An aspiring rapper who goes by the name Boya Dee was out on a run to the shop for some fruit and vegetables when he came across a horrific scene.

Two men, armed with machetes, are said to have attacked and beheaded a soldier in the Woolwich neighborhood of London as dozens of Londoners looked on. Witnesses said it appeared as if the suspects "were trying to take organs" from the victim, and "they were hacking at the poor guy." Sources said the suspects yelled "Allahu Akbar," and police sources told the BBC that it's a "fair assumption" that this was a terrorist attack.

Boya Dee live-tweeted the moments after the attack when police arrived to apprehend the suspects—injuring both. His tweets from the time, seen on his Twitter page @BoyaDee, are shocking.

The man, it is being reported, was a British soldier wearing a Help for Heroes t-shirt. He was killed in the attack, which Boya Dee tweeted happened "right next to a primary school."

Moments after Boya Dee tweeted "whyyyyyyyy!!!!" police officers were on the scene, and Boya Dee live-tweeted the scene that unfolded next: "Oh my God!!!! The way Feds took them out!!!"

With the suspects shot, Boya Dee turned back to his phone to share more details about how the attack unfolded. "I couldn't believe my eyes," he tweeted. "This was some movie shit,"

According to the tweeting rapper, the suspects ran the soldier over with their car, hopped out, and "started chopping [the] man's head off with machete."

As other witnesses asked the alleged attackers why they would attack a man with such brutality, the two men allegedly replied by saying "we've had enough!" as they waved a revolver around in the air. Boya Dee tweeted that they looked like they were under the influence of drugs.

That's when the police showed up. Or, in Boya Dee's terminology, the "boydem." According to his tweets, the suspects lunged at the responding officers with their two machetes "and an old rusty lookin revolver."

That's when the officer took one of the suspects out. "Like robocop," according to the rapper who saw it.

It was, as one would expect, a shocking thing to witness.