Amanda Marcotte is a Brooklyn-based writer who blogs regularly at Pandagon, RH Reality Check, and Double X. Her newest book is titled Get Opinionated: A Progressive's Guide to Finding Your Voice (and Taking a Little Action).


In her Vanity Fair cover story, Jennifer Lawrence states that she has nothing to be sorry for regarding the nude photos of her that were hacked and posted online. Amanda Marcotte joins CNN to explain exactly why the Oscar winner and all the other celebrities affected by the so-called 'Fappening' have a right to call it a sex crime.


Why take sexy photos on your camera? For the same reason you have sex: It’s fun. The first thing humans do when we have access to a new technology is ask how we can get off to it.


There’s a sick but thriving online subculture of men who get off by violating women and sharing their photographic evidence. This isn’t for fame or fortune—it’s for sport.


The R&B diva’s ‘feminist’ proclamation at the VMAs recalls feminism’s all-important ’90s—a decade filled with strong, outspoken female musicians.

Howling Mobs

A lady developer was harassed by her vindictive ex-boyfriend. Some gamers ‘rape’ other avatars in Grand Theft Auto V. Is there no game over to sexism in the industry?


The actress made headlines for posing in the pages of Glamour breastfeeding her infant, joining Gisele Bündchen and Gwen Stefani in proving that women can balance motherhood and a vibrant career.