Andrew Morton is one of the world's best-known biographers. His groundbreaking biography of Diana, Princess of Wales, is a modern classic. while his latest bestseller , on Tom Cruise, has made headlines around the world. Morton’s portrait of Monica Lewinsky revealed the young woman behind the blue dress, while his biography of Madonna nailed the myths and legends surrounding her controversial life.

As rumors swirl about William and Kate, Andrew Morton says the whole thing feels like a time warp. She only exists to please him; and he and his fellow royals are clueless about the changing times.

Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton diagnoses why party girl Chelsy Davy left the man she knew would never be king.

As Prince Charles turns 60, the late princess’ biographer Andrew Morton on why this melancholy man may have permitted himself a small smile of satisfaction.

When Madonna married Ritchie, she bought into the British package of posh country weekends and edgy London nightlife. Then Ritchie lost his edge.