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SF Exhibit

Most design aficionados know the modernist greats. But what they don’t realize: They were all Jewish. A new exhibit looks at how one group of émigrés helped create an American movement.

Pitch Black

In his documentary 'Deepsea Challenge 3D,' James Cameron shows us what it's like to climb into a cramped sphere and plunge 35,798 feet into darkness at the bottom of the ocean.

Go Back to Jersey

‘Wish I Was Here’ is not only bad, but it reveals why Braff is so damn grating: His movies assume they’re entitled to emotional responses they haven’t earned.

Unmelted Snow

The average American will eat 50,000 calories worth of ice cream in 2014. But how did we get here? In honor of National Ice Cream month, a history of the frozen dessert.

Time Is a Flat Circle

The mind behind True Detective says the show’s second season hasn’t been cast and may not be about the secret occult history of the transportation system. And if you’re bummed about the finale, you probably didn’t get the show.

Falling Out of Love

They Came Together is a compendium of every romcom cliché known to man. It just so happens that the movies referenced are at least 15 years old. How in the name of Meg Ryan did this happen?