Andy Hinds is equal parts carpenter, writer, and stay-at-home dad living in San Diego. He's a contributor at The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, NYTimes, and Slate, and his personal blog is


A new book argues that the pop culture image of dads as lazy and uninvolved is not only false but damaging, perpetuating a sexist social structure that pigeon holes women too.


A San Diego school district just got a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle—admins claim it will be used in case of a shooting or other disaster. Is it really necessary?

Not So Fast

Lacey Spears allegedly killed her son via lethal doses of salt. But do two posts and regular Facebook use make you a ‘blogger,’ or is it simply a media spin?

The Forgotten Parent?

Sure, Father’s Day is coming—but the ‘other parent’ is getting more than just a day this year, with dads the focus of TV shows and books, as well as policymaking and scientific study.