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Literal Bone-Chilling

Discovery Channel’s first scripted mini-series paints adventures in the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s. But can Klondike compete with Mad Men and Game of Thrones?


There’s a reason Christian Bale’s face always seems to fit perfectly in the frame when brawling in Batman. At Cinematic Fight Studio, actors learn to take a punch while looking good.


Bieber was caught in a brothel. Beyoncé lip-synced the national anthem. Paula Deen and Julianne Hough didn’t do much for race relations. And Miley twerked, too. See more scandals.

Age Divide

A surprising new study suggests that senior citizens have more energy than teens. What’s going on there? Even the study’s author doesn’t claim to know.

Under Fire

The current daytime star—and future face of Yahoo News—is taking flak for running an alarmist segment about an HPV vaccine on her talk show. Why Katie’s under fire.

Broom Not Included

It has Witches of Eastwick snark, Hocus Pocus spells, the terror of Coven, and the soap opera sass of Charmed. Lifetime’s Witches of East End is the perfect potion for TV.


Sanaa Lathan is back in The Best Man Holiday, a sequel to the ’90s cult comedy. Somehow, the tomboy from Love & Basketball and the rest of the cast had to be convinced to return.

An Appreciation

Will Ferrell, in all his green-suited glory, and a tolerable Zooey Deschanel changed our lives ten years ago. Well, sort of. They made us smile. Elf is the ultimate Christmas movie.

True Life: Online TV

It’s not Orange is the New Black or House of Cards, but Hulu’s mascot docuseries Behind the Mask proves the streaming site is more than just a place to catch up on sitcoms.

Dog Goes Woof

The Ylvisaker brothers were already big in Norway, but now their quirky viral hit 'What Does the Fox Say?' has landed them on the Hot 100. They share an early demo clip with Anna Brand.