The creator of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ talks about the seventh season premiere, the show’s view of violence, that school shooting controversy, and closing out with a bang. [WARNING: Spoilers]

What The?!

The Daily Beast sat down with Tyson, Jim Rash, and writer-executive producer Hugh Davidson (Robot Chicken) to discuss the Scooby Doo-like show, airing this fall on Adult Swim.


The celebrated author of the bestselling series A Song of Ice and Fire sat down with The Daily Beast on the outskirts of Comic-Con to discuss the differences between his books and the HBO series, and more.

Superhero Mania

The greatest superhero team in the world assembled in San Diego for the annual geek gathering, and we managed to speak with Robert Downey Jr. and co. about the highly anticipated sequel.

Special Powers

Fans, authors, artists, film stars and directors are about to descend on San Diego for their annual fandango of comic-book nerdery. What will this year’s Comic-Con feature?