Anne McElvoy writes the main weekly political column on domestic and international issues at the London Evening Standard. She is a regular broadcaster, appearing on Newsnight and Question Time, among other programs. She has published two books on Germany, The Saddled Cow: East Germany’s Life & Legacy in 1992 and she was co-author of the memoirs of the spymaster Markus Wolf, Man Without a Face.

End of the Line, a shocking new documentary, reveals that our oceans are being overfished and we will run out by 2048. You’ll never order sushi the same way again.

Diminutive British fashion powerhouse Daniella Helayel transformed royal consort Kate Middleton and created an army of converts with her Lucky dress. As she launches her next cruise collection, Anne McElvoy sits down with the Issa designer.

Frances Osborne, the wife of the man likely to be Britain's next finance minister, dishes to Anne McElvoy on her seductive great-grandmother, the subject of her new book, The Bolter.

Yesterday, Martin Scorsese said he's tackling a Sinatra biopic. Today, he debuts a restored version The Red Shoes at Cannes. Anne McElvoy sits down with a very busy director.