Annie Rashidi-Mulumba is a consultant on human rights for the United Nations, focusing on refugees in West Africa. She is the director of the Congolese Female Lawyers Association, a nonprofit that seeks to improve the lives of sexually abused victims in Congo.

As they prepare for presidential elections in November, Congolese fear their country will become the next Ivory Coast. The U.S. should intervene to prevent more violence and slaughter in another African nation, writes Annie Rashidi-Mulumba.

The U.N. was supposed to keep the peace in the DRC—instead, its troops are accused of rape and its mission accused of worsening the violence. Congolese activist Annie Rashidi-Mulumba on what went wrong and how to move forward.

This morning I opened a horrifying email from Annie Mulumba, a remarkable Congolese activist and human-rights lawyer who spoke at The Daily Beast’s Women in the World Summit in March. In her note, she shared the sad news that two of her staff were kidnapped by a Ugandan rebel group—and one was murdered after being brutally abused. I hope you’ll read her account.