Anthony Paletta is a freelance writer located in New York City. He's contributed to the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Metropolis, Architectural Record, Citylab, and other publications.

No-Hit Wonders

C.D. Rose’s fabricated compendium of failed authors includes one who wrote in an undecipherable code, one who could only get as far as the opening sentence, and one who ate his own books.


Othello, Alice, Pumblechook—these characters are etched in our minds. But how much meaning are in names? By Anthony Paletta.

Travel for Art’s Sake

Oscar Wilde spent a year touring the U.S. and met the likes of Walt Whitman and Henry James. Anthony Paletta on what the writer learned.


It’s actually rare for English mansions and properties like the one in the hit show to stay in the same family and survive over the years. Anthony Paletta on a new book that looks at estates lost to time. Plus, photos of some of the ancient country homes.