Aram Roston is a senior correspondent at Newsweek and The Daily Beast based in Washington, D.C.

The unidentified woman told prosecutors George Zimmerman sexually molested her for a decade, beginning when they were children. Aram Roston reports on the legal relevance of the bombshell.


Tucked into court records from Glaxo’s $3 billion fraud settlement is the allegation that the celebrity doctor was paid six figures to talk up Wellbutrin as a libido booster—something the FDA says it’s not approved for.


While the country waited to hear the fate of Obamacare, the mood inside the court was tense, hushed—and all business. Aram Roston reports from the belly of the beast.

Fast and Furious

With the GOP voting to hold the attorney general in contempt and Obama invoking executive privilege, a new war of words is exploding on Capitol Hill. Patricia Murphy and Aram Roston report on the showdown.


Just-released jailhouse calls from George Zimmerman, the accused murderer of Trayvon Martin, show him obsessing over money worries and how to get his hands on antidepressants. Plus, a new trove of bank statements—and a series of money transfers that one money-laundering expert says ‘has given the prosecutors, on a silver platter, evidence of guilty intent.’


Workers at a Louisiana plant that supplies seafood to the retail giant say they were beaten and forced to work 24-hour days—claims Walmart says it's 'unable to substantiate.'