Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the founder of the AHA Foundation, a fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, and is the author of Infidel (2007). Her latest book, Heretic: The Case for a Muslim Reformation, will be published in April by HarperCollins.



The author of Infidel on the Paris massacre, memories of Theo Van Gogh, and why the Western media should reprint the Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

A new proposal by the American Academy of Pediatrics would have doctors assisting families in the ritual of female circumcision, but activist and Nomad  author Ayaan Hirsi Ali says they’d just be complicit in perpetuating a grave injustice.

The author of the best-selling memoir Infidel recalls the brutal murder that forced her to abandon Holland and seek refuge in America.

The Infidel author, now in hiding for her own book, weighs in on the Mohammad bodice-ripper Jewel of Medina, out today.