Ben Adler is a journalist in New York City. He has been a reporter at Grist, The Nation, Newsweek, and Politico. He tweets at @badler.

Blinded by Ideology

New GOP tune: Insuring people isn’t our goal! We just know good Americans don’t want insurance if it means living under the evil government mandate. Actually, wrong.

Anthony Weiner's unfolding sex scandal is almost certain to dash his dreams of becoming New York City mayor. Ben Adler looks at the local politicians, from City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to Comptroller John Liu to outer-borough Democrats, who will benefit or lose out from the congressman's implosion.

Like their right-wing opponents, US Uncut activists tap into Americans' anger toward a system perceived as favoring interest groups over the common good. But they're sensitive about the Tea Party comparisons, writes Ben Adler.

The centrist Democratic Leadership Council is closing down, it said Monday. Did the once-powerful organization fold because it had completed its mission—or because its mission was wrong for our time? Ben Adler on what took down the institution.

Democrats say they'll meet in North Carolina in 2012 to boost their chances of winning the new swing state. But studies show there's no connection between where a convention happens and how the state votes. Ben Adler reports.