Ben Greenman's new novel, The Slippage, is out in May. Some people like it lots. Some people like it less.


In a forthcoming biography, Ben Greenman examines Prince’s songs for evidence of what the late artist believed about race. The answer, he discovered, changed from song to song.

Constructive Criticism

Ben Greenman critiques the practice of criticism—and admits to having written reviews about books he didn’t care about.

From jokes about Brett Favre to South Park stealing lines, we're in a crisis of originality thanks to easy searching on the Internet, writes Ben Greenman. Whatever happened to getting credit for an idea?

In his new story collection Ben Greenman inserted modern day celebrities into the short stories of the Russian master. He explains just what he was up to and why Kim Kardashian belongs in 19th-century Russia.

What have we lost with email and Twitter? Writer Ben Greenman laments the loss of letter writing—and the considered thoughts and emotions that were part of the process.