Bruce Feiler is the bestselling author of Walking the Bible, Abraham, and America’s Prophet, and the host of Walking the Bible on PBS. His new book, The Council of Dads, describes how he responded to a cancer diagnosis by asking six friends to help father his daughters.

To celebrate Father's Day, Council of Dads author Bruce Feiler collects the top ten inspirational messages from iconic American fathers, including Ben Franklin and John Wayne. Plus, VIEW OUR GALLERY of Celebrity Dads.

When Bruce Feiler was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, he formed a Council of Dads, six men who could be a father to his twin daughters if he were no longer around. Plus: Read an excerpt from his new book.

In this exclusive excerpt from The Council of Dads, Bruce Feiler, having just been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, asks a dear friend to be a father to his young twin daughters. Plus: Read how Bruce Feiler formed The Council of Dads.

Thirty years after his blockbuster show, the Boy King returns to New York with a new exhibit. Bruce Feiler on how an Egyptian nobody became a global superstar. VIEW OUR GALLERY.

Fasting is a practice that Jews and Muslims, believers and scientists, Deepak Chopra and Glenn Beck all embrace. But does going without food really deliver spiritual and physical benefits? Bruce Feiler investigates.

Is Rosh Hashanah for real? Biblical adventurer Bruce Feiler sifts through the clues that speak to the historical accuracy of the Jewish New Year.