Burt Ross, former mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey, and former administrator of the New Jersey Energy Office, is a lawyer and real-estate investor. A book The Bribe was written about his exploits with the Mafia.

Truth Be Told

The Ponzi king is now saying J.P. Morgan executives suspected he was up to no good before his massive fraud was exposed. Don’t take this pathological liar’s word on anything.


The mayor of Fort Lee turned down a $500,000 mob bribe in 1974. Forty years later, he explains what makes the Garden State so fertile for corruption.

Burt Ross, the former mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey, remembers the summer he spent as Ted Kennedy’s first legislative intern—and the senator who only grew in stature from there.

On the day Madoff mistress Sheryl Weinstein’s tell-all is released, Madoff victim Burt Ross confesses to a non-affair with Ruthie—and spares a thought for poor Mr. Weinstein, who joins the publicly humiliated spouses club.

When U.K. authorities released the Lockerbie bomber last week for so-called mercy, they showed none to the family of my classmate, David J. Gould, who was one of the 270 people killed 21 years ago.

As the FBI arrests numerous New Jersey politicians (and rabbis!) in a corruption probe, former Fort Lee Mayor Burt Ross reflects on how his state is back to being No. 1.

Burt Ross, the former mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey, was forced to cancel a resort vacation after he lost $5 million to Madoff—but now he’s headed off to a luxury destination, thanks to the Ponzi schemer.

On the day of Bernard Madoff’s sentencing, The Daily Beast’s Burt Ross, who lost $5 million, offers a statement to the court explaining why the Ponzi schemer should never be let out of prison.

Ever since Bernie Madoff stole $5 million from me, I’ve been trying to figure him out. The day before I give a statement at his sentencing, I’m trying to unravel one of his bigger enigmas: Why did he go to jail earlier than he had to?

Bernie Madoff stole $5 million from The Daily Beast's Burt Ross, who just received a half-million-dollar check back from the SIPC. Never has a 90 percent loss felt so good.