Carolyn Sun has written for the Los Angeles Times, Mental Floss, and O magazine. She specializes in fears and disasters and is working on her first work of fiction on the fear of disasters.

The Futurist

Miranda July talks about how her procrastination became material for her newest book, It Chooses You, and how she got by during her lean years. By Carolyn Sun. 

Does a failed marriage and moving in with your parents have to be a bad thing? Carolyn Sun talks to author Isabel Gillies, whose new memoir has a surprising take on divorce.

Must your summer reads involve beach-house rentals, hot sex, and young love? Absolutely, but read these too, says Carolyn Sun.

Bear Attack!

A hiker was mauled to death by a grizzly in Yellowstone this week, the latest in a rash of attacks. Five tips to avoid a grisly fate.