Claire Howorth is the Arts editor at the Daily Beast.

Should you exchange passwords? Update Facebook relationship status? Couples today face a host of unspoken rules about technology. Claire Howorth and Brian Ries speak with members of both sexes to figure out the etiquette.

As auction house Phillips de Pury shows off its new Manhattan digs with a $137 million mega-sale, Claire Howorth sits down with its eminence grise, Simon de Pury.

Saffronart, Mumbai's fast-growing online auction house, is one part Christie's, one part eBay, and driving in millions of dollars as the company expands West. Claire Howorth talks to CEO Meena

What do you do when your mother is a famous heiress and your father might be Robert Lowell, Bob Silvers,, or some other literary icon? If you’re Ivana Lowell, you write a revealing memoir, as she explains to Claire Howorth.

As his message of hope to gay teens goes viral, Texas councilman Joel Burns tells Claire Howorth about his own brush with suicide, his city's homophobia—and what he left out of his speech.

An auction of the legendary lensman’s work, to benefit his foundation, comes on the heels of the arrest of its accountant, Ken Starr. Claire Howorth on Avedon’s intriguing fiscal life after death. Plus, see photos for sale, including a Marilyn Monroe worth $100,000-$150,000.

Unbeknownst to the supermodel, a London gallery is selling a $100,000 leather portrait of her, titled Skin Deep, to raise money for a charity that campaigns against blood diamonds. Claire Howorth has new details on the surprising backstory.

Raymond Chase was an outgoing, popular, and openly gay teenager who suddenly decided to kill himself last week. Tragic new details on the fifth in an alarming suicide spike.

Prosecutors are considering additional charges against two Rutgers students involved in an bullying incident that may have contributed to the suicide of their classmate, Tyler Clementi.